Cinema / Fase 304


Arnau Albà and Aleu Pons

Frustration (2016)
Frustration (original title)
12min | Short, Comedy, Drama | 22 April 2016 (Catalonia)

– Director: Arnau Albà
– Writer: Arnau Albà
– Actor: Aleu Pons
– Producers: Arnau Albà and Aleu Pons
– Film editor: Aleu Pons
– Sound editors: Arnau Albà and Aleu Pons


The protagonist has few hours to study for tomorrow’s exam and he has serious difficulties to concentrate…


– Country: Switzerland, Catalonia
– Language: English

Technical Specs:

– Sound mix: silent
– Color: color

It’s Tuesday 6pm and you still know nothing about advanced fluid mechanics. You’ve been aware of this for a few days, but it wasn’t until today that it hit you: the terrible realisation that your exam is tomorrow. You obviously resolve to prioritize this matter over everything else, but not until you’ve prepared yourself some coffee, responded to your mails, Whatsapps, Facebook messages and Instagram comments, read the news from three different sources and a couple of Wikipedia articles you have suddenly become super interested in, and gone on a 45 minute Facebook video binge-watch. NOW you can finally open your book and start studying, that is until your phone vibrates again in 5 minutes and launches you on another 30 minutes of distractions…

This kind of situations, and the awesome feeling of satisfaction that you get at the end of a full of day of such procrastination, were the motivation behind this short film. Arnau wrote the script rather quickly after a painful two weeks of exams, and Aleu was on board as soon as he read it. We filmed and edited in Switzerland in a couple of days, and all the ideas that went into it were based on real personal experiences, since we are both university students.

Ironically, the sound editing took us much longer than expected due to Arnau procrastinating. Nevertheless, the lesson learnt is to record the sound on set next time, it’s a terrible idea to add every tiny bit of ambient sound later in the studio! -Unless you’re fully familiarized with Foley-. This and other small setbacks are the consequence of a root problem that could have helped improve the whole short film: lack of planning. Having a good screenplay and a shooting script could have already solved many problems, as well as having had some more time and experience.

Despite all these problems, we are proud of our first cinematic production together, after previous individual experiences and the cinephile passion developed over the last years. We strongly believe that it is possible to produce excellent films with very few resources, and that it is the right way to get started in this world.

The purpose of the film is to transmit a daily common reality of many students. It aims to show, in a comic way and with resignation too, the concentration difficulties and low efficiency of people like us, as well as being critic with some new technologies and the way they are used, while questioning the studying environment, study methods, and our mentality when facing study time.

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